Forecast for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Fight Forecaster is a fantasy sports application designed specifically with the MMA fan in mind. Downloading and playing the game will greatly enhance the MMA-fan experience.

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We all know that MMA is a vast sport. The Ultimate Fighting Champsionship (UFC), ONE FC, Bellator, Absolut Combat Akhmat (ACA), Professional Fighters League (PFL), KSW are just a few of the many MMA organisations across the world. Even the most devoted, hardcore fans wont know the intricacies of every single fighter. Therefore, Fight Forecaster offers flexibility to you, the beloved user to choose how seriously you would like to bet on any single fight. For fighters whom very little is known about, it is best to record forecasts at the Casual level, while for fighters whose every single movement is known, feel free to record forecasts at the Just Bleed level. If you know a thing or two, but not everything, you should forecast at the Fight Fan level.

The most important thing to know is that the more weight you give to the actual outcome that occurs, the better your score will be. Take a look at the rules page for details on how Fight Forecaster scores a forecast.

Fight Forecaster Scores


Forecaster points

Compete with each other for Forecaster Points. The more you forecast, the more you score. The more accurate you are, the more you score. The more precise you are, the more you score.

MMA Handicap

How accurate are you overall? An MMA Handicap of zero is the best possible MMA Handicap. An MMA Handicap of two is the worst. The lower your handicap the better.

Unpopular Opinion points

How much your opinion is worth when you go against the crowd. You get more of these the more your Unpopular Opinions turn out right. It's the forecasting equivalent of betting on plus money.

To know more, download the Fight Forecaster App and refer to our Rules section.

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